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Motion gets fans through gates and into premium access areas faster with a quick tap of a phone or other connected merchandise.


Motion works anywhere—indoors or outdoors, rain or shine, on WiFi or LTE, on any surface or ceiling. Place or move Motion readers anywhere to create the guest experience you want.


Motion protects against ticket fraud, power outages, and network congestion. You can trust Motion to let the right people in without fail.


Motion eliminates barcodes once and for all and supports touch and touch-free entry with smartphones, wearables, and more.

Motion Ecosystem

With the flexible Motion platform, you can transform any venue—indoors or outdoors—into a fun, interactive experience that responds to individual guests in a big crowd, busy entrance or an exclusive area.


Go beyond paperless with Motion secure, mobile, contactless readers respond to guests' touch or proximity for ticketing and many other guest experiences.


Motion software libraries enable existing apps to signal Motion readers and automate moments like ticketing and guest experiences, so they feel more magical.


Embed Motion software into BLE and NFC wristbands, cards, or other branded merchandise, so that wearing your merch triggers a guest experience without a phone.

How does Motion work?