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Motion instantly connects fans at entrances, premium lounges, and sponsored areas by touching with a phone or walking nearby.


Place or move Motion readers anywhere you want to trigger a personalized guest interaction. Motion works inside and outside of many venues, rain or shine, on WiFi or LTE.


Motion protects against ticket fraud, power outages, and network congestion. You can trust Motion to let the right people in without fail.


Motion supports any secure interaction by touch or proximity with smartphones, cards, contactless paper, and e-textiles in any indoor and outdoor environment.

Motion Ecosystem

With the flexible Motion platform, you can transform any venue and the surrounding area into a fun, interactive environment that responds to individual guests no matter how big the crowd.


At no additional cost, Motion's secure, mobile, contactless sensors respond to guests' touch or proximity to automate anything from ticketing to concierge services or digital displays.


Motion software libraries enable any apps to securely signal Motion readers in the background to automate transactions and guest experiences, so they feel more magical.

WiFi Sensing

With a few key strokes by your IT group, Motion turns any WiFi access point in the venue or in surrounding entertainment districts into a guest interaction sensor that connects to the Motion Platform.

How does Motion work?